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Carrom board game rules

Carrom board game rules

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A foul is recorded in the following situations: The striker is pocketed. The striker or any other piece leaves the board. A player pockets an opponent's piece. A player pockets the final opponent's piece. A player pockets the final piece before the Queen has been covered. A player contravenes the rules for striking. 10 Jun - 2 min - Uploaded by Howcast Watch more Board Games videos: Carroms is a game similar to billiards but is played on a. Crossing the diagonal lines on the board by coming in touch with it, or pocketing the striker is a foul. A player needs to ensure that his striking hand does not infringe/cross the diagonal lines aerially/physically. A player committing a foul must return one carrom man that was already pocketed. ‎Equipment - ‎Standardised rules and - ‎Variants - ‎Board variations.

MISCELLANEOUS RULES. Sinking the striker costs you one piece and your turn. After sinking the striker, your opponent places the due piece(s) within the center circle. If while shooting for the queen you also sink one of your pieces, the queen is automatically covered, no matter which went first. Carrom is one of the most favored and popular indoor or tabletop games. It consists of the square board (known as the carrom board), 9 white discs, 9 black . Games of Carrom and Crokinole are described in the rules as being played by finger snapping This game is played on the checker side of the game board.

Follow rules regarding the queen. The queen, or red piece The queen will be returned to the center of the board. If you pocket the queen There are fouls in the game of carrom. In the event you or your. Carrom, also referred to as Karrom, is a popular game in the Middle East and surrounding areas. The game is similar to a It involves a tabletop board, and some small game pieces. .. htm. American Carrom can also be played with a cue, and the board is patterned with Also noteworthy is the fact that American Carrom uses rings for game pieces competitors to Henry Haskell and his original design and rules for Carrom. Point Carrom is a variant that is popular with children or an odd number of players. Game play is as described above with a variation. Players. 29 Aug Carrom board is an indoor entertaining game that evolved in India. Though there is no sure evidence, the game is said to be invented by Indian.

Learn how to play carrom board game, carrom rules, use carrom powder, carrom striker, carrom stand, about international carrom federation from leading. The game of Carrom. Carrom originated in India several centuries ago and is now very popular in the UK. It is the ancestor of pool, snooker and billiards. Carrom. Basic rules * For the very first turn, the player is allowed three attempts to "break" i.e. disturb the The penalty is that one pocketed piece is returned to the board by the opponent Why is thumbing allowed in the international Carrom game?. Rules and regulations to be followed in Carrom Board: even if player pockets all the c/m of his, he can still pocket the queen as the last c/m and win the game.


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